Repositioning Sutherland Labs: 
Leveraging service design and strategy in research projects with Sutherland's biggest customer care clients 

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My Role: 

At Sutherland Labs, I was hired as a designer under the Director of Strategy to bring service design tools and methodologies to the labs. Day-to-day, I operated as a service designer, researcher, and consultant on various projects.

As a service designer, my goal was to bring insights from research to life in a tangible and actionable way. This primarily manifested in facilitating co-creation workshops, collecting and sharing insight decks, and mapping systems to help our clients shape a future vision of their service offerings. 

My team focused on ethnographic research methods, meaning that we designed our research plans to take place in a natural setting to understand people, behavior, and culture. I have led a series of projects studying employee experience, the set up the experience of various smart devices for the home, and the needs of benefactors in corporate life insurance policies.

This role challenged me to integrate service design methodology and tools into research efforts and taught me how to effectively run stakeholder workshops in-person and remotely. You can see some more recent work here.  

Some Highlights: 


  • Learning skills in business development, stakeholder management, and audio/video editing, and consulting on the ground.
  • Traveling to conduct international research in the UK, Europe, the Caribbean, and domestically across the United States.
  • Representing Sutherland Labs to receive an honoree award at the 2018 Service Design Global Conference in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Defining offerings as a service design agency and customer care consultancy.
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