Coqual Verbal Identity + Guidelines
Rebranding the Center for Talent Innovation 

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Coqual (formally the Center for Talent Innovation) is a non-profit that empowers companies to create diverse and inclusive workplaces where every person belongs.

Contracting at Design Minded under Saundra Marcel, I partnered with the design team at Pentagram to develop verbal identity in tandem with a total rebrand and web redesign. The scope of the project was large, and resulted in collated brand guidelines as well as deliverables like written web copy and coded, web-ready assets.

My Role: 

As a researcher, strategist, and writer, I worked with the design team to flesh out visual concepts based on language and quick figures the team at Coqual wished to surface. 

I consulted on information architecture, wrote editorial guidelines for the new brand, crafted web copy for the home page, and helped define the tagline and collateral material. 

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