Secret Broughton:
Interactive Tourist Experience


Client: Savannah College of Art and Design, Interaction Design Studio


The challenge of this studio class was to create an interactive experience that promoted foot traffic and improved the tourist experience on a historic street in Savannah, Georgia. Our team used this project as an opportunity to target families, after our research concluded that most of the existing tourism industry in Savannah is catered towards adults (that usually enjoy the open container laws and the thriving nightlife scene). Secret Broughton is meant to be an experience that engages people of all ages to bring life back to a sleepy part of town. 


Application prototype, concept video and story, compiled research and storytelling elements.

My Role:

Contextual research, journey mapping and stroyboarding, UX design


Lessons Learned:

Prototyping experiences in real life is messy, sometimes awkward, and completely necessary in delivering a successful outcome!

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Broughton Street in Savannah, GA is one of the city’s most famous shopping destinations. However, recently, tourism rates have decreased. Due in part to the overshadowing of a tourist shopping destination in nearby Charleston, King Street, the city has taken steps to revitalize the area. The Atlanta-based developer, Ben Carter, has set out on a $92 million investment to invite economic growth back into the area. Local businesses have suffered while larger companies continue to claim lots with astronomically high rent prices and lessen the local charm that draws tourists into the historic city.   


Our team conducted contextual research to gain more perspective on the Broughton Street’s slow-down, and uncover opportunites to create an engaging experience that highlighted the historic charm of Savannah in a modern way. We determined our key stakeholders as local business owners and tourists of all ages with the goal of increasing foot traffic in the area and encouraging the support of the mom and pop shops that are under economic stress. We ultimately created an interactive experience that makes use of augmented reality to engage children and families who want to create a fun, memorable experience together on Broughton Street.





Conducting contextual research to identify undiscovered pain points on Broughton was insightful and lead us in a direction we never would have expected. Our findings suggested that there was some attempt to market to families with coloring stations and small spaces for children to play within stores,  but the level of interaction for customers of all ages was limited. On the streeet outside of stores, kids were left feeling bored and left out, and parents were feeling stressed to keep their families happy while traveling.



Catering towards families touring in Savannah lead to more research about family dynamics and parent opinions on integrating technology into their children's lives, and in turn allowed us to create a multi-platform interactive experience that explored modern virtual reality technology, encourages learning and play, as well as maintains the classic Broughton aesthetic with a twist on the historic viewfinder. 

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Our team sought to modernize an historic aspect of Savannah to engage a younger generation through making the past seem more relatable. We were inspired by the old-fashioned viewfinders found on River Street oveerlooking the port of Savannah as a gateway into a new perspective, and did some brain storming about how we could incorporate this into our experience design. after some research, we determined that we wanted to design an immersive experience through this device. We began determining different themes related to Savannah's history, and locations of the different view finders on Broughton street to create a story of Savannah for tourists to experience along the half mile stretch of shopping and dining. Wee built a prototype out of pink foam and a smart phone, and got to work testing our concept and wireframes in the wild. Our final wireframes and concept video are the result of incorporating feedback and protrays the vision for Secret Broughton as a staple of Savannah tourism.

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At this point in the project, my role became focused on storyboarding and concept sketching. Our team fleshed out the story for a family on vacation to highlight each touchpoint in their experience, on and off of Broughton Street. I took this opportunity to learn more about digital illustration, and flex my storytelling muscles.

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