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Rebranding a stuffy SaSS company 

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Workiva has been changing how people work across thousands of organizations around the globe, including 75% of the Fortune 500, for the last decade. They were one of the first to host their platform on the cloud, and have built longstanding partnerships over time while quietly dominating the market ever since. The only problem? While the platform took off, their website got stuck in 2010.  

So they went to Pentagram for a proper redesign. I partnered with Saundra Marcel at Design Minded to develop a Core Messaging System for Workiva's online presence in tandem with the website's overhaul. The scope of the project was focused on defining a new tagline, communicating core values, and creating a system to writing new content that the marketing team could lean on and develop in the future. 

My Role: 

As a writer and strategist, I worked with internal stakeholders at Workiva to determine a direction and tone of voice for their brand, and collated their material into finding reports to develop a final core messaging system. 

This work included a landscape audit, running virtual workshops to co-create on our value statements, and delivering web copy on the homepage, about section, platform details, and universal dividers for the launch of the new website in October 2020. 

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